What is the safest car seat available?

All seats must pass the same test and are equally safe. The safest car seat if the one that fits your child, your car, and will be used correctly 100% of the time.

Can I use a convertible car seat right from birth?

Yes, you can providing it fits your infant and you are able to install it in your car at a 45 degree angle. Although most convertible car seats on the market are rated for children as small as 5lbs the lowest harness slots are too high for your average newborn. While others fit the child well, their size makes it very difficult to recline properly while still allowing front seat passengers to ride safely and comfortably.

Is it safe to use an infant seat without a base?

As long as your manufacture allows a baseless install and you are able to install you seat properly (proper recline, less than 1” of movement at the belt path) it is perfectly safe to use your infant seat without the base.

Which is Safer UAS or seat belt?

Both systems are equally safe, but occasionally you may be unable to get a tight install (less than 1” inch of movement at the belt path) using one system. Therefore the safer system is the one that allows you to get the best install.

It is important to mention that the UAS system does have certain limitations such as weight and where you can place your car seat. It is important to read your vehicle manual to ensure you are using your UAS properly. If your child has exceeded the weight limit for the UAS system or you cannot use the UAS in your preferred seat position and you cannot get a good install with the seat belt please contact us for assistance.

How long must I keep my child rear facing?

The legal minimum is 1 year old, 22lbs, and walking unassisted. But that is just the minimum, you child should remain rear facing until at least two years old but ideally until as close to 4 years as possible. The reason for this is children’s spines are not fully ossified until between the ages of 3-6 rear facing gives the most protection to a child’s vulnerable spine in the event of a collision.

Is my child ready to use the vehicle seat belt only?

Law requires that children must be in a booster until meet at least one of these requirements; 8 years old, 80lbs or 4’9” tall.  However most children do not properly fit the adult seat belt until closer to 11-13 years old. To help you determine if your child is ready for an adult seat belt they must pass this 5 step test.

  1. Shoulder belt firmly in the middle of the shoulder
  2. Lap belt low on the thighs
  3. Bum all the way back in the vehicle seat bight
  4. Knees bend beyond the edge of the vehicle seat and feet rest on the floor
  5. Child can maintain this position 100% of time without wiggling, bending, playing with the belt or slouching.