Our Technicians

CatherineCatherine is a mom to two, and a caregiver to many more. She has a great deal of experience with challenging car seats, and holds the local record for installs! She’s currently searching for car seat #7 for her preschooler, as he keeps outgrowing them. Catherine has been a certified technician since 2013 and an instructor since 2016.
MarianneMarianne is a mom of three very busy girls. She teaches IT to TVDSB employees by day, and somehow finds time to keep her kids active in sports. Marianne has been a CPSAC-certified tech since 2013, an instructor since 2016, and was previously certified through ITSA. Marianne has a green thumb as well as a knack for playing Tetris with car seats in the family's garage, much to her husband's chagrin.
KatieKatie is a long standing car seat technician, and a brand new instructor. She is currently the treasurer for Car Seats for the Littles (http://csftl.org/) by night and enjoys working with numbers by day. When she isn't wrangling car seats or off playing with numbers she may be found playing with her 3 kids.
MelissaMelissa is a woman of many talents. She’s a long standing member of London Car Seat Safety, a photographer and a mom of three (including 2 boys who can rock pink solana’s and a wee little girl). She's knowledgeable about most things baby, keeps a house that’s the envy of Martha Stuart and bakes amazing desserts. She’s also the only one brave enough to take three kids to Florida alone. Kudos to you Melissa.
TinaTina is a mom of 4, and a long time experienced technician. She is bilingual (English/French), an registered early childhood educator and has just taking new role at Noah's Ark Preschool (https://jewishlondon.ca/noahs-ark-preschool/). She's soft spoken, resourceful and always calm and collected. She is a huge asset to the London Car Seat Safety team and we are happy to have her. Also, she makes some pretty great playdough.
DeanaDeana has been a tech since 2016. Deanna is a renaissance woman, with many interests and areas of expertise. She has faced some challenging installs with finesse and style like no other.
TriannaTrianna saves lives at work and in her down time. She thrives on coffee and chaos, the former needed to deal with the latter caused by her toddler circus.
ShelbyShelby is a brand spanking new technician. Don’t let her newness fool you, she’s driven and educated. Shelby became addicted to car seats when she first met with the amazing Catherine, and together, they wrested a Diono into submission. She looks forward to wrestling, erm we mean working with – many other seats in the future! When she isn't playing with seat, she may be at work as a child and youth worker or with her 3.5 year old son.
AmyAmy is a recent addition to the tech world, and wears many different hats! Amy is a day care provider (which she promises isn't a gongshow very often), a doula, and a self-described awesomesauce party attendee. Her phone has an excellent sense of humour, which is much appreciated. She is located in New Hamburg, but can travel to the many towns nearby.