To help us raise funds we signed up with as a fundraiser member. is a service where it showcases top online sales and offers cash back rebates on purchases made at hundreds of online retailers, applications to credit cards and travel purchased through travel web sites.   Available merchants include :,,,, The Shopping Channel, MBNA and hundreds more.

If you are planning on making a purchase online, simply do the following :

1. Click on link to automatically sign into our fundraiser account at

2. Click a link to a merchant such as or

3. Make a purchase

• Rebates automatically go to our fundraiser account
• You do not give up any of your own money towards the fundraiser
• All your purchases will be shipped to your residence
• Your purchases are independent of the fundraiser. You deal directly with the merchant.
• If you are already a member of you can donate current rebates to our fundraiser. See below for more details.

The more rebates we collect the more funds we will have available to cover our out of pocket expenses which include training, manuals and clinic essentials.  We are hopeful that in the future we will be able to provide safe seats for families in need.

Please Remember

Before making any online purchases, fill an application or make a reservation please be aware of the following to make sure your transactions are recorded properly for rebates :

• You must be logged into the fundraiser account
• You must have cookies turned on. Most people already do.
• You must turn off ‘Ad blockers’ if you have an Ad blocker program before clicking on a merchant link
• You must use coupon codes found only at
• You must click on a link from to the merchant before adding to a cart, making a purchase, a reservation or application. Please close any open tabs or windows of the merchant before clicking.
• You must make purchases online not over the phone

I am already a member – can I donate the balance of my cash back rebates?
Yes you can!
1. Sign in using own member account login and password.
2. Click on the “Transactions” link at the top.
3. Click on the “Donate Rebates” link.
4. Enter the fundraiser email address or keyword.
5. Check off which rebates to donate.
6. Click on “Donate Now” button.

Now all the selected rebates will be transferred to the fundraiser account.

Make sure to use our fundraiser account during holiday shopping season!

Happy Shopping!

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