MiFold Grab and Go Booster Review

Curious about the mifold?  So were we.  London Car Seat Safety was sent a Canadian mifold to review, as always our opinions and experiences are our own.

So, what’s the deal?  The mifold is new to the Canadian market.  What makes it special is that it is not like other boosters within the Canadian marketplace.  Rather than try to lift up the child to fit the adult belt properly, the mifold tries to bring the adult seat belt down to fit the child properly.  Pretty interesting idea.

Who can use it?

As per the manual, the mifold is for children over 4, weighing from 40Ibs to 100lbs (18-45kg) and between 40-57 inches (100-145cm) tall.  As always, we caution that boosters should only be used by children who both meet the minimum specs of the booster and are also able to stay seated properly for the duration of the ride.  For typical kids, this occurs between 5-7 year old.

What does it look like?

Now we’re are getting to the good stuff!  When folded the mifold is approximately 4″ by 8″ plus the required shoulder belt adjuster (which can be stored around the booster when folded) . There is a readily accessible slot for the owners manual. Half of the outside (that faces the vehicle seat when unfolded) is textured to help prevent the booster from sliding around the vehicle seat.

On the bottom side of the mifold there are warning labels, as well as two sliding release buttons to adjust the width of the lap belt guides.

Tell me more!

The CMVSS sticker is sewn onto the required shoulder belt adjuster strap along with a date of manufacture sticker.  The mifold expires 7 years from the date of manufacture.

There are three lap belt guide adjustments, at 10, 12 and 14″ points that are labelled i, ii & iii, The storage position is just that.  Do not use the storage position in vehicles (well unless you are storing it).  The lap belts guides need to be adjusted to the nearest to, but not touching the child’s thighs.  This may take a couple of attempts to determine the first time around.

Jill – 6.5, 52lbs, 47″

Jill required the 1st hip width setting.  We experienced difficulty with the combination of this child, this vehicle (2010 Honda Fit) and this booster.  For the brief moment, when I was able to get her sit in the booster without sliding forward, the belt appeared to be a little lower than I would like, but still within the acceptable range.

The main issue I had with her was a very strong desire to slide forward and bend her legs over the vehicle seat causing her to slump significantly.  I both verbally instructed her and then physically moved her back into position and she could not stay seated properly for more than a minute or so.  She normally rides in a traditional high back booster, but had difficulty with the mifold.

In another vehicle or seating position with a longer or shorter vehicle seat pan it is very possible that she would have sat properly, unfortunately this was not the case in the vehicle we tested in.  As always, no seat can fit all children, all seating positions or all vehicles properly.  Where possible, it is always advised to try before you buy.

Natalie – 9.5, 60lbs, 50″

Natalie had excellent belt fit with the mifold. She is on hip setting 2 and riding in a 2011 Ford Fusion.  The lap belt fit appropriately, touching the tops of her thighs and her knees bent comfortable over the vehicle seat.  The shoulder belt fit was good as well once the shoulder belt adjustment clip was adjusted properly. She commented that the booster felt a bit hard, but was okay.

She did require some assistance to thread the seat belt through the guides, but I feel for a child of this age and size she would catch on quickly.  I would strongly consider this as a travel or car pool option for this child in this car or similar.

Final Thoughts

The mifold is a promising seat that may work to fill a specific niche.  Because of it’s nontraditional design at this point, we are going to suggest that you try before you buy to ensure that the belt fit is appropriate and that your child is able to stay in position for the entire ride (not slipping forward).  While it may not work for all families, I am hopeful that the mifold may reduce the number of kids riding without appropriate child restraints when traveling, carpooling or with grandparents/relatives.

To find out more, or to purchase:

Mifold Canada website: www.mifold.ca
Mifold Canada Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mifoldcanada

Available for purchase on mifold.ca and Canadian Tire

Great news!

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52 thoughts on “MiFold Grab and Go Booster Review”

  1. I like the pink one but I’d choose the dark grey so I can use it with either of my kids. Plus I’m assuming the outside would get dirty afwt a while so a dark color would hide the dirt better. 😀

  2. Oh how I love this seat and want it in my life for Gramma’s and Auntie’s cars!

    I’d choose Lime green!

  3. Hi – The twitter link provided doesn’t work. I think your twitter account is @LondonCarSeat – I followed that account.

  4. I like the dark grey colour, but it would be my daughter who would be using it and I know she would pick pink. If it makes her want to use it, that’s the colour I would get. 🙂

  5. I would pick the dark grey because it would work for boy or girl 🙂 Thank you for all the great info and giveaway !!

  6. I love the Lime Green the best but I would choose the Slate Gray if I won. Thanks for the chance, I would love this booster for my kids!

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